Student Resources

Mrs. C.'s Technology Awareness Training - LiveBinders

GAFE (Google Apps for Education) is now known as G-Suite

Google Classroom Help -

Getting Started with Google Docs -

Getting Started with Google Slides -

Logging into to from homen -

Resetting passwords (music, no words) 1:15

Symbaloo Collection of important links

Symbaloo links to everything

Symbaloo links to Green Screen, iMovie and filming tutorials

Microsoft Student Advantage Program information

All VBCPS students can download a free version of Office 365 at home. Student ID and network password are required. Please get this information from your student; the school can not give it out.

Online Textbooks and resources (auto login) for Achieve3000, TeezBiz, eScience, plus many more

Log in through Clever -

SOL Tutoring and Review sites

Khan Academy -

LMS - Currirulum Links to all subjects! -

SOL Practice Tests

Previously released tests can be found at:

Online practice tests -

The following site has practice math and science SOL tests: Jefferson Lab -

Science Sites

EIA Energy Kids Page -

Another Fantastic Web Site to Review SOLs - SOL Pass
Go to:
Select Kempsville Middle School from drop down menu
password = kms
Select Middle School, then subject

Science Study Guides - Fast Facts
6th grade essential facts
6th grade Science Facts
7th grade essential facts
Science Fast Facts
Grade 7 Science Fast Facts
Geology Notes
8th grade essential facts
Grade 8 Science Facts
Earth Science Facts

To learn the States
Click on a level under "U.S.A. States"
Type in States in the keyword box, click go
Beginners - click on "States-Multiple Choice"
Advanced click on "States-Open Ended"
Play - "The USA Quiz"

Another Fantastic Web Site to Review SOLs - SOL Pass
Go to:
Select Kempsville Middle School from drop down menu
password = kms

Click on: Middle School
Click on: US History 1877 to the Present
Click on SOL number (Example: USII.3) to get an illustrated study guide.
Click on “View Activities” for review games

PortaPortal - Open SOL Review Sites folder

How to correctly save and insert images from the web.

Insert pictures into your projects the correct way!

  • Right click on the picture you want to use
  • Scroll to "save picture as"
  • Place it on the desktop
  • In your project go to the menu bar > insert> picture>from file. 
  • Navigate to the desktop to find the picture and insert it
  • Remember to cite your source - just because it is on the internet does not mean you can just use it - you must cite the URL of where you found the picture!

Music and sounds suitable for Multimedia presentation : - Ask your teacher for login and password